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Fig. 1

From: Performance of an ultra-sensitive Plasmodium falciparum HRP2-based rapid diagnostic test with recombinant HRP2, culture parasites, and archived whole blood samples

Fig. 1

uRDT work flow. (1) 5 μL of sample is collected and (2) delivered to the sample well in the test cassette, followed by (3) the addition of four drops of assay buffer. (4) The test is allowed to incubate and the uRDT results are interpreted after 20 min while the SD-RDT results are interpreted after 15 min. The presence of a line of any intensity is considered for interpretation. (5) Tests with only a control line are interpreted as negative. (6) Tests with both control and test lines are interpreted as positive. (7) The absence of a control line indicates the test is invalid and should be repeated

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