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Table 1 Characteristics of previous cases of ARDS in Plasmodium ovale malaria

From: Severe Plasmodium ovale malaria complicated by acute respiratory distress syndrome in a young Caucasian man

Authors Sex Age P. ovale subtype (wallikeri/curtisi) Origin of infection Time since exposition (days) Malaria prophylaxis Malaria naïve Comorbidities Parasitemia (%) Antimalarial treatment Invasive ventilation Outcome Ref
Hachimi [10] M 31 NA Congo 210 NA NA None 0.20 Quinine Yes Death 10
Lahlou [11] NA NA NA NA NA NA NA History of tuberculosis 0.20 Quinine NA Death 9
Lau [1] M 59 Curtisi Nigeria 180 Mefloquine Yes None 0.18 Chloroquine phosphate + primaquine, quinine, artesunate Yes Death 1
Rojo-Marcos [12] M 43 NA Nigeria 3 No No Hypertension, diabetes 0.12 Chloroquine, primaquine Yes Survival 11
Rozé [13] M 24 NA Chad ivory coast NA Doxycycline NA Tuberous sclerosis 0.20 Chloroquine, quinine No Survival 12
  1. NA not available, Ref reference