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Table 1 Disease determinants relevant for reducing exposure and risk of malaria, that were identified for inclusion in song lyrics

From: Using participatory risk analysis to develop a song about malaria for young children in Limpopo Province, South Africa


Citation numbera

Knowledge that mosquito bites cause malaria

[2, 7]

Internal residual spraying in village homes

[2, 6, 9]

Preventing mosquito bites at night

[5, 27]

Pools of stagnant water

[22, 29, 31]

Using bed nets at night

[5, 26, 29]

Early recognition of the signs of malaria

[5, 6, 27]

Mosquito repellents

[5, 27, 28]

Protective clothing (feeding sites of vector)

[27, 30]

  1. aThe number quoted is the number of the citation in the citation list