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Table 1 Afrotropical species members and key attributes of the Anopheles funestus Group

From: Detection of Anopheles rivulorum-like, a member of the Anopheles funestus group, in South Africa

Subgroup [28] Species Distribution (based on [4, 5, 9, 12, 28, 29]) Malaria vector status (based on [5, 28, 29])
Funestus An. funestus Sub-Saharan Africa Major
Funestus An. funestus-like Malawi Unknown
Funestus An. aruni East Africa Unknown
Funestus An. confusus East Africa Unknown
Funestus An. parensis East and southern Africa Possible [14]
Funestus An. vaneedeni South Africa Confirmed [11]
Funestus An. longipalpis type C Zambia Unknown
Minimus An. leesoni Sub-Saharan Africa Possible [14]
Minimus An. longipalpis type A South Africa Unknown
Rivulorum An. rivulorum Sub-Saharan Africa Minor to potentially locally important [13,14,15]
Rivulorum An. rivulorum-like Burkina Faso, Cameroon, Zambia, and now also South Africa. Unknown
Rivulorum An. brucei Nigeria Unknown
Rivulorum An. fuscivenosus Northern parts of southern Africa Unknown