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Table 1 Characteristics of households, survey respondents, and children under-five at baseline (2014)

From: Malaria control across borders: quasi-experimental evidence from the Trans-Kunene malaria initiative (TKMI)

 Angola and Namibia
Household characteristics
 Number of households740
 Mean household size (N = 739)9.01 (6.21)
 Mean number of children under-five (N = 740)1.91 (1.58)
 Mean number of LLITNs in household (N = 713)0.77 (1.39)
 Mean number of LLITNs used last night (N = 713)0.60 (1.13)
 Mean number of sleeping spaces in households (N = 735)4.54 (2.56)
 Percentage of sleeping spaces covered with bed net on night before the survey (N = 704)14%
 Percentage of households that had visitors from across the border stay the night in the last month (N = 727)43%
 Percentage of households with individuals who have stayed overnight across the border in the last month (N = 732)44%
Respondent characteristics 
 Percentage of female respondents (N = 727)60%
 Mean age of respondents (N = 733)56 (20)
 Mean highest grade achieved in school (N = 715)4 (4)
 Percentage of correct responses to malaria related questions (N = 740)60%
Under-five children characteristics
 Mean age of under-five children (N = 1311)2 (1)
 Percentage of under-five children who slept under LLITNs last night (N = 1328)14%
 Percentage of under-five children with fever in last 2 weeks (N = 1295)23%
  1. Standard deviations in parentheses