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Table 3 Case management characteristics of patients at health facilities in Guinea, November 2014

From: Adherence to Ebola-specific malaria case management guidelines at health facilities in Guinea during the West African Ebola epidemic

  n = 4963
% (95% CI)
Patients with fever 59.5 (53.4–65.6)
Diagnostic test for febrile patients 62.1 (52.6–71.6)
 Test positivity 73.2 (67.9–78.4)
 Treated according to result 72.3 (58.9–85.7)
No diagnostic test for febrile patients 37.9 (28.4–47.4)
 Presumptive treatment 48.5 (36.7–60.4)
Recommended febrile case managementa 27.8 (18.9–36.8)
  1. Results are weighted; 95% CI confidence interval
  2. aRecommended febrile case management defined as: diagnostic test for febrile patients in presence of adequate personal protective equipment (PPE) and treatment according to result or presumptive anti-malarial treatment for febrile patients in absence of adequate PPE