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Table 2 Recommended components of routine antenatal care [34]

From: Effectiveness of pregnant women’s active participation in their antenatal care for the control of malaria and anaemia in pregnancy in Ghana: a cluster randomized controlled trial

History taking Medical and obstetric history
Physical examination Blood pressure, weight, height, temperature measurements
Obstetric examination Symphisio-fundal height measurement, foetal viability
Laboratory tests Haemoglobin concentration, malaria parasite, Routine urine and stool examination, blood group, sickling, VDRL, HIV
Treatments and immunizations SP-IPTp, Tetanus toxoid, ACT for malaria, folic acid and iron supplementation, de-worming
Health education and recommendations ITN use and malaria prevention, dietary, scheduled ANC visit, birth preparedness, danger signs, adherence to medicines, family planning, new born care, post-natal care