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Table 1 Description and values of parameters of the ELPA\(_{s}\) model.

From: Stochastic lattice-based modelling of malaria dynamics

Name Description Unit Range
b Integer number of female eggs laid per oviposition 50–300
\(\psi ^\mathsf {W}_{\zeta }\) 50% of the eggs are assumed to hatch into female mosquitoes parameter represent water availability in cell \(\zeta\) 0.0–1.0
\(\psi ^\mathsf {H}_{\zeta }\) Binary parameter represent human presence in cell \(\zeta\) 0–1
\(\rho _E\) Egg hatching rate into larvae day\(^{-1}\) 0.33–1.0
\(\rho _L\) Rate at which larvae develop into pupae day\(^{-1}\) 0.08–0.17
\(\rho _P\) Rate at which pupae develop into adult/emergence rate day\(^{-1}\) 0.33–1.0
\(\mu _E\) Egg mortality rate day\(^{-1}\) 0.32–0.80
\(\mu _{L_1}\) Natural mortality rate of larvae day\(^{-1}\) 0.30–0.58
\(\mu _{L_2}\) Density-dependent mortality rate of larvae day\(^{-1}\)mosq\(^{-1}\) 0.0–1.0
\(\mu _P\) Pupae mortality rate day\(^{-1}\) 0.22–0.52
\(\rho _{A_h}\) Rate at which host-seeking mosquitoes enter the resting state day\(^{-1}\) 0.322–0.598
\(\rho _{A_r}\) Rate at which resting mosquitoes enter oviposition searching state day\(^{-1}\) 0.30–0.56
\(\rho _{A_o}\) Oviposition rate day\(^{-1}\) 3.0–4.0
\(\mu _{A_h}\) Mortality rate of mosquitoes of searching for hosts day\(^{-1}\) 0.125–0.233
\(\mu _{A_r}\) Mortality rate of resting mosquitoes day\(^{-1}\) 0.0034–0.01
\(\mu _{A_o}\) Mortality rate of mosquitoes searching for oviposition sites day\(^{-1}\) 0.41–0.56