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Table 1 P. vivax proteins selected for NAPPA array

From: Self-assembling functional programmable protein array for studying protein–protein interactions in malaria parasites

Annotation Pv gene ID Time transcriptiona Localization Proteome datac Fragments Regions expressed
Target P. vivax proteins
 Merozoite surface protein 1 (PvMSP1) PVX_099980 TP7 Merozoite surface X 2 1350D-F1723; 761G-E1349
 Merozoite surface protein 4 (PvMSP4) PVX_003775 TP7   1 30I-S248
 Merozoite surface protein 8 (PvMSP8) PVX_097625 TP2 X 1 24G-Y462
 Merozoite surface protein 10 (PvMSP10) PVX_114145 TP7   1 30L-A459
 6-Cysteine protein 41 (Pv41) PVX_000995 TP7 X 1 19A-Q383
 6-Cysteine protein 12 (Pv12) PVX_113775 TP7 X 1 27T-G336
 Asparagine rich protein (PvARP) PVX_090210 TP7 X 1 16C-V284
 Thrombospondin-related protein (PvTRAMP) PVX_123575 TP8 Apical/merozoite surface   1 24K-I300
 Merozoite surface protein 5 (PvMSP5) PVX_003770 TP8 Micronemes/apical X 1 22R-I362
 Apical merozoite antigen 1 (PvAMA1) PVX_092275 TP8 X 2 43P-E343; 43P-L487
 Duffy binding protein 1 (DBP1) PVX_110810 ↓ transcriptionb   3 26E-C217; 198T-D524; 521T-T1000
 Reticulocyte-binding protein 1a (PvRBP1a) PVX_098585 TP8   4 582E-E1457; 1549F-G1758; 1880S-R2229; 2245S-E2832
 Rhoptry neck protein 1 (PvRON1) PVX_000945 TP7 Rhoptry neck protein   1 25K-R772
 Rhoptry neck protein 2 (PvRON2) PVX_117880 TP7 X 2 735G-L1560 and 1554L-V2203
 Rhoptry neck protein 5 (PvRON5) PVX_089530 TP7 X 1 23F-W500 (PvRON5A); 50N-P1158 (PvRON5C)
 Rhoptry neck protein 4 (PvRON4) PVX_091434 TP7   1 25F-I756
 Rhoptry-associated protein 1 (PvRAP1) PVX_085930 TP7 Rhoptries   1 2T-Y633
 Rhoptry-associated protein 2 (PvRAP2) PVX_097590 TP7 X 1 22H-H382
 High molecular weight rhoptry protein 3 (PvRhopH3) PVX_098712 No data   1 21Q-F599
 Rhoptry associated membrane antigen (PvRAMA) PVX_087885 TP7 Rhoptry body protein X 1 21F-G710
Prey P. vivax protein
 6-Cysteine protein 12 (Pv12) PVX_113775 TP7 Merozoite surface X 1 27T-G336
  1. aTranscription data from time points (TP) 1–9 of 3 vivax malaria isolates [82]
  2. bLow transcriptional levels in all time points measured (TP1–TP9) [82]
  3. cData from proteomic analyses [51, 55]