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Table 2 Topics of workshops on house improvement led by health animators

From: Community-based malaria control in southern Malawi: a description of experimental interventions of community workshops, house improvement and larval source management

Phase Workshop/topic Learning/action objective
A. Community workshops on house improvement (JulyDecember 2015)
  1 Housing situation, brick baking Prepare community for house improvement, plan brick baking
  2 Mosquito house entry behaviour Able to explain mosquito behaviour and protection methods
  3 Methods of house improvement Able to describe appropriate methods of house improvement
  4 Organizing and action planning Prepare village-wide plan for house improvement
  5 1st evaluation of progress Describe progress and plan further activities
  6 2nd evaluation of progress Same as above
  7 3rd evaluation of progress Same as above
  8 Maintenance of house improvementa Motivated to maintain structural house improvements
9 Closing door, windows after dark Able to explain importance of closing door, windows after dark
B. Establishing demonstration houses (AugustSeptember 2016)
  10 Meetings at focal area-, village-level Plan activities and roles for Phase 2
  12 Establish demonstration house Show example of properly sealed eaves to all villagers
  13 Village event Launch campaign and plan activities ahead
C. Training of village committees (April 2017)
  14 Identification of gaps and maintenance Committees motivated and skilled to address shortcomings in HI
  1. See Additional file 2
  2. aThis activity was added as a topic in regular ongoing community workshops on malaria