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Table 3 Outline of topics of workshops on larval source management led by health animators

From: Community-based malaria control in southern Malawi: a description of experimental interventions of community workshops, house improvement and larval source management

Category Workshop/topic Learning objective
Basics 1 Breeding of malaria mosquitoes Understand larval breeding, establish LSM committee
  2 Collecting and recognizing mosquito larvae Able to distinguish larvae of malaria mosquitoes
  3 Draining and filling of breeding sites Understand methods of filling and draining
Planning 4 Exploring where mosquitoes breed Mapping of breeding sites in the village
  5 Community organizing to remove breeding Prepare a plan for village-wide LSM; agree on roles
  6 Killing mosquito larvae with Bti Understand role of Bti to complement filling, draining
Action 7–12 Community action to reduce breeding Bti team and villagers evaluate and plan activities
  1. See Additional file 3