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Table 4 Outline of topics of training on Bti application for village committee members

From: Community-based malaria control in southern Malawi: a description of experimental interventions of community workshops, house improvement and larval source management

Category Session/topic Learning objective
Basics 1 What is Bti? Understand characteristics and role of Bti
  2 How to use the sprayer Understand sprayer components and assembling
  3 When to use filling, draining or Bti Learn to apply decision rules
  4 Surveying and mapping of breeding sites Learn to use village mapping as planning tool
Spray operation 5 Preparing for a spray operation Able to make all steps in preparation for spraying
6 Conducting a spray round Skilled in methods of spraying
  7 Cleaning up after spraying Able to conduct proper clean-up
  8 Maintaining, storing equipment, supplies Able to conduct basic maintenance of spray equipment
  9 Examining effectiveness of spraying Able to evaluate effect of spraying on mosquito larvae
Organization, management 10 Roles of LSM committee Aware of roles of the committee and its members
11 Feedback at community workshops Able to give feedback on Bti spraying to villagers
12 Preparing, maintaining a work plan Able to use a work plan of weekly activities
  13 Record keeping and reporting Able to report to health animators and villagers
  1. See Additional file 4