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Table 1 IgG responses of knowlesi-infected patients’ serum samples to PkDBPα and PkAMA1 recombinant proteins

From: In vitro invasion inhibition assay using antibodies against Plasmodium knowlesi Duffy binding protein alpha and apical membrane antigen protein 1 in human erythrocyte-adapted P. knowlesi A1-H.1 strain

Samples No. of patient samples (n) Normalized MFIe No. of healthy samples (n) Normalized MFIe
Positivea Negativeb Total (%)c Positivea Negativeb Total (%)d
PkDBPα 2 13 15 (13.0) 0.76 0 19 19 (100.0) 0.72
PkAMA1 7 8 15 (46.7) 0.92 0 19 19 (100.0) 0.67
  1. aPositive: the individual who is reactive to its particular antigen
  2. bNegative: the individual who is not reactive to its particular antigen
  3. cSensitivity: percentage of positive-malaria patient samples
  4. dSpecificity: percentage of negative-healthy individual samples
  5. eNormalized MFI: mean fluorescence intensities were divided by a cut-off value + 2 standard deviations above the mean fluorescence intensity of the malaria-naïve samples