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Table 1 Mosquito control and prevention policies developed by the ROK Armed Forces Medical Command

From: Malaria control and chemoprophylaxis policy in the Republic of Korea Armed Forces for the previous 20 years (1997–2016)

  Method Contents Notes
Larva Filling of puddle No use of organic insecticides  
Cleaning of environment Removal of empty bottles, cans, and other discarded containers  
Adult Space spray application 2–3 times/week  
10 km around the troop locations  
20:00–21:00, 05:00–08:00  
8 km/h vehicle speed, 1 km/h for portable sprayers  
Residual spray application 1 time/week, no time limit  
Window screens, walls, watch tower  
Insect screens From May to October  
Mosquito bed nets From May to October, treated with permethrin  
Combat uniform treated with permethrin From May to October, treated with permethrin, 1 times/month Compliance: complete = 22%, partial 3.3%, none = 74.8% in 2007
Repellent application From May to October, diethylmetatolumide Compliance: complete = 22.8%, partial 26.4%, none = 50.7% in 2007
Repellent coil From May to October