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Fig. 5

From: Strain-transcending neutralization of malaria parasite by antibodies against Plasmodium falciparum enolase

Fig. 5

Effect of passive immunization with H12E1 mAb on parasitemia in Plasmodium yoelii 17XL (or Plasmodium berghei ANKA) infected mice. a Mice (n = 5) were administered with 0.75 mg/100 µl H12E1 (experimental) or pre-immune IgGs intravenously. All mice were challenged with ~ 1 × 105 P. yoelii 17 XL pRBCs. Mean % parasitemia for the two groups of animals is shown with post challenge days. b Two groups of mice (n = 5 animals) were administered with 1 mg/100 µl H12E1 (experimental) or pre-immune IgGs (control). All mice were challenged with ~ 105 P. berghei ANKA pRBCs. Passive transfer of H12E1 in infected mice resulted in significant reduction in rise of parasitemia in experimental group as compared to control group (**p < 0.01; ***p < 0.001)

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