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Fig. 7 | Malaria Journal

Fig. 7

From: Strain-transcending neutralization of malaria parasite by antibodies against Plasmodium falciparum enolase

Fig. 7

a Effect of mAb (H12E1) binding on the enzyme activity of rPfeno. Activity of enolase was assayed using 80 nmoles (2 µg) of rPfeno. For the measurement of antibody effect on enzyme activity, different amounts (80 and 160 nmoles) of H12E1 were mixed with rPfeno (80 nmoles) and incubated for 30 min before using for enolase activity assays. b 3D-structure of Pfeno was modelled using Toxoplasma gondii enolase 1 crystal structure as template (TgENO1; PDB: 3OTR). Residues that constitute the different functional regions are highlighted in different colours: plasminogen binding site (blue); active site residues (red); subunit–subunit interface (green); and, EWGWS (pink)—target epitope for growth neutralizing antibody. Note the non-overlapping nature of all four regions. c, d Homology comparison of enolase sequence in the vicinity of EWGWS and DKSLVK (plasminogen binding site) in various species of Plasmodium. Note the conserved sequence and their location in the protein

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