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Fig. 2

From: Plasmodium vivax in vitro continuous culture: the spoke in the wheel

Fig. 2

Conditions evaluated for culturing Plasmodium vivax in vitro. The figure shows modifications made to culture medium, parasite sources and the target cells which have been used in culturing the P. vivax parasite. Each combination evaluated is described in the culture medium section. For example, 14 indicates RPMI 1640 medium, which contains HEPES, NaHCO3, neomycin, vitamin B12, hypoxanthine, ascorbic acid, MgCl2, biotin, choline and 15% AB+ human serum (box showing typology). The reticulocyte source section lists these cells’ enrichment methodology using the letters a–e. Sections of the graphic enclosed by a red discontinuous line indicate the best target cell sources and/or enrichment methods available so far

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