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Fig. 3

From: Polychromophilus spp. (Haemosporida) in Malagasy bats: host specificity and insights on invertebrate vectors

Fig. 3

Bayesian reconstruction showing Polychromophilus spp. infecting Malagasy bats (in blue) and Nycteribiidae (in red) based on cytochrome b. Only values in the major nodes were represented for higher posterior probabilities (> 0.9). Polychromophilus melanipherus identified in Paratriaenops furculus are followed by an asterisk. Mad: Madagascar, Gui: Guinea, Sw: Switzerland, Gab: Gabon, Ple: Penicillidia leptothrinax, Psp: Penicillidia sp. (cf. fulvida), Nsty: Nycteribia stylidiopsis

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