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Table 2 Relationship between the results of the RDT and microscopy tests

From: Housing type and risk of malaria among under-five children in Nigeria: evidence from the malaria indicator survey

  Number tested RDT test χ2 p-value
Positive Negative Total
Number tested   2387 3366 5753**  
Microscopy test
 Positive 1572 87.6 12.4 27.3 < 0.001
 Negative 4181 24.2 75.8 72.7  
 Total 5753** 41.5 58.5   
  1. The HRP-II that was used for RDT can only detect. P. falciparum. The P. ovale and P. malariae which were found on microscopy also account for the difference between the two tests
  2. RDT+: positive on rapid diagnostic test, Micro+: positive on microscopy test
  3. * Significant at 5% χ2 test
  4. ** Included only the children that have results for both tests