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Table 1 Key benefit themes of engaging women in vector control at household, community, and professional levels

From: Increasing women’s engagement in vector control: a report from Accelerate To Equal project workshops

Household Community Professional
Enhancing women’s knowledge will increase household awareness of vectors and the diseases they carry
As the household caretakers, women will better integrate appropriate vector control into household activities
Women have a greater vested awareness of and interest in family well-being
Engagement in paid vector control activities shifts the household power balance towards equality
Women are more trustworthy and accountable which enhances community buy-in
Women are better communicators which increases visibility and acceptance of proposed programs
Improved solidarity and networking among women strengthens community organizations
Women act as agents of change to prioritize and improve overall community health
More comprehensive representation in programmes and policies leads to diversity of ideas and approaches
Women understand the community and are more likely to administer programmes that are accepted and sustained
When breaking the glass ceiling, women serve as role models for enhanced gender equity