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Fig. 2

From: Whole genome sequencing and microsatellite analysis of the Plasmodium falciparum E5 NF54 strain show that the var, rifin and stevor gene families follow Mendelian inheritance

Fig. 2

Venn diagrams displaying shared and species-specific orthologue clusters and their proteins in the target genome P. falciparum E5 and the P falciparum 3D7 reference. Singletons, i.e. genes without orthologues and paralogues in either species, are placed outside the Venn diagram to the left and right. The numbers within the Venn diagram that belongs to both genomes represent the number of orthologue groups (upper number) and the number of genes in orthologue groups (lower number). The numbers within the E5 and 3D7 specific Venn diagram circles represent paralogue groups and the number of genes within paralogue groups. The assembly can be found at

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