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Table 2 Genotyping based on microsatellite fragment length and 3D7 specific var gene PCR

From: Whole genome sequencing and microsatellite analysis of the Plasmodium falciparum E5 NF54 strain show that the var, rifin and stevor gene families follow Mendelian inheritance

  1. The MS individual fragment lengths are shown for 3D7 and E5 as well as for the in silico 3D7 microsatellite lengths in the NCBI database. MS alleles with > 3 bp size difference between 3D7 and E5 are typed as non-3D7 (grey). 3D7 alleles are white, non-3D7 alleles are grey. 3D7 var gene amplification on E5 DNA was verified by targeted Sanger sequencing of PCR fragments. Note that the table differs from Table 1 in Frank et al. [7] at the 5′ end of Chromosome 7 (reannotation of PF3D7_0700100 previously Mal8P1.220) and at the 3′ end of Chromosome 13: PF3D7_1373500 (previously MAL13P1.356)