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Table 2 Background characteristics, medicines prescribed and malaria diagnostic test results among the febrile children attending the study drug shops

From: Can malaria rapid diagnostic tests by drug sellers under field conditions classify children 5 years old or less with or without Plasmodium falciparum malaria? Comparison with nested PCR analysis

Characteristic Frequency (%)
 Male 106 (52.7)
 Female 95 (47.3)
under-five child symptoms
 Fever 185 (93.0)
 Diarrhea 41 (20.6)
 Fast breathinga 82 (79.6)
 Danger sign 4 (2.0)
Medicines prescribed by drug seller to under-five child
 Artemether/Lumefantrine tablets 67 (33.7)
 Amoxicillin tablets 84 (42.2)
 Oral rehydration salts (ORS) 41 (20.6)
 Zinc sulfate tablets 39 (19.6)
  1. aRespiratory rate was counted in only U5 children presenting with cough