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Fig. 3

From: An analysis of country adoption and implementation of the 2012 WHO recommendations for intermittent preventive treatment for pregnant women in sub-Saharan Africa

Fig. 3

IPTp2+ (a) and IPTp3+ (b) coverage pre and post country policy adoption in 14 PMI countries as measured by national household surveys. Dotted lines represent the average IPTp coverage across all countries pre- and post- policy adoption; 34% and 50% for IPTp2+, and 15% and 28% for IPTp3+, respectively. Pre Policy Adoption: most recent survey available before or on the year of policy adoption (2008–2014). Post Policy Adoption: most recent survey available that is at least 1 year after policy adoption (all are within 4 years after policy adoption; 2015–2017). Note that the time interval between the pre- and post-surveys varied between countries. *There were no data on IPTp3 coverage for Guinea, thus IPTp3 data represent only 13 countries

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