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Table 1 Recommended timing of IPTp initiation and harmonization between NMCP and RHP

From: An analysis of country adoption and implementation of the 2012 WHO recommendations for intermittent preventive treatment for pregnant women in sub-Saharan Africa

Country Recommended timing of initiation of IPTp per NMCP guidance Harmonization between NMCP and RHP guidance
Angola 13 weeks Yes
Benin 16 weeks Yes
DRC After first trimester No; RHP guidance pending IPTp update
Ghana Second trimester No; RHP says 14 weeks
Guinea 13 weeks Yes
Kenya 13–16 weeks No; RHP promotes 16 weeks
Liberia 13 weeks Yes
Madagascar Early as possible in second trimester No; RHP guidance pending IPTp update
Malawi 16 weeks Yes
Mali 13 weeks No; RHP guidance pending IPTp update
Mozambique 13 weeks Yes
Nigeria Early as possible after first trimester No; RHP does not mention IPTp
Senegal Second trimester Yes
Tanzania After 12th week of gestational age Yes
Uganda Second trimester Yes
Zambia 16 weeks Yes
Zimbabwe Beginning of second trimester No; RHP says first dose should be given after quickening
  1. RHP reproductive health programme