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Fig. 4

From: Genetic polymorphism and natural selection of circumsporozoite surface protein in Plasmodium falciparum field isolates from Myanmar

Fig. 4

Polymorphic patterns of the C-terminal non-repeat region in Myanmar and global PfCSP. a Amino acid polymorphisms in the C-terminal non-repeat region of Myanmar PfCSP. The three different haplotypes (H1–H3) of the C-terminal non-repeat region were identified in Myanmar PfCSP. Th2R and Th3R regions are shaded with sky blue and yellow, respectively. Amino acid changes at particular amino acid positions are indicated as red. The number of haplotypes is the number of PfCSP sequences belonging to each haplotype. The dots represent residues identical to the reference sequence of 3D7 (XM_001351086). b Comparative analysis of polymorphic patterns of the C-terminal non-repeat region in global PfCSP. The pattern of amino acid changes differed by country or geographic continent, but most amino acid changes were concentrated in the Th2R and Th3R regions in global PfCSP. A logo plot was constructed for each PfCSP population using the WebLogo program. PNG Papua New Guinea

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