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Table 1 List of insecticides initially screened for residual performance against pyrethroid resistant Anopheles gambiae M'bé strain

From: Screening and field performance of powder-formulated insecticides on eave tube inserts against pyrethroid resistant Anopheles gambiae s.l.: an investigation into ‘actives’ prior to a randomized controlled trial in Côte d’Ivoire

Commercial name (supplier) Active ingredients (dose) Chemical classes
Actellic (Syngenta, Switzerland) Pyrimiphos methyl (1.6%); thiamethoxam (0.36%) Organophosphate; neonicotinoid
NA Azamethiphos (10%) Organophosphate
NA Beauveria bassiana (10%) Fungus
Ficam D (Bayer, Germany) Bendiocarb (1.25%) Carbamate
BISTAR 10 WP (FMC India) Bifenthrin (10%) Pyrethroid
BorActin (Rockwell labs Ltd, USA) Orthoboric acid (99%) Boric acid
Tempo Ultra (Bayer, Germany) Beta-cyfluthrin WP (10%) Pyrethroid
Spritex (Denka International BV, Barneveld, The Netherlands) Deltamethrin (0.25%) Pyrethroid
Drione (Bayer, Germany) Pyrethrin (1%); Piperonyl
Butoxide (10%)
Pyrethroid; synergist
NA Permethrin (25%) Pyrethroid
Sevin (TechPac LLC, Atlanta) Carbaryl (5%) Carbamate
  1. Commercial names are provided for insecticides that are available on the market; NA indicates that the insecticide was an experimental formulation and not a commercially available product