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Table 2 Anopheles farauti presence and absence comparison TSI means test

From: Mapping a Plasmodium transmission spatial suitability index in Solomon Islands: a malaria monitoring and control tool

Anopheles farauti Presence (TSI mean (n)) Absence (TSI mean (n)) Wilcoxon test
Guadalcanal 9.17 (31) 7.50 (21) p < 0.0001
CP and WP 10.24 (33) 9.59 (51) p < 0.02
  1. Based on a total of 52 collections sites in Guadalcanal Province from Beebe et al. [15] for the year 1997 and of a total of 84 collection sites in Central Province and Western Province (CP and WP) from Russell et al. [9]