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Fig. 2

From: Speculation on the possibility for introducing Anopheles stephensi as a species complex: preliminary evidence based on odorant binding protein 1 intron I sequence

Fig. 2

Multiple sequence alignment of Obp1 intron I region of 21 specimens of field-collected specimens of Anopheles stephensi biological forms. Sequences with accession numbers KJ557463 (T5), BaU1, IrU1, IrU3, KaU3, NiU1, Ch5, Ir4, Ch4, Ir5, KT587050, KT587052, and KT587053 are related to An. stephensi type (Blue), KJ557452 (K8), BaU3, ChU1, ChU2 and ChU3 to An. stephensi intermediate (Red), and KJ557449 (B1), KT587049 and KT587051 to An. stephensi mysorensis (Green) forms. A dot indicates identity with the reference sequence and a dash indicates a deletion

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