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Table 1 The details of Anopheles stephensi samples collected from Iran and Afghanistan

From: Speculation on the possibility for introducing Anopheles stephensi as a species complex: preliminary evidence based on odorant binding protein 1 intron I sequence

Locations Latitude (oN) Longitude (oE) Sequenced specimens
 Bandar Abbas 27°11′11″ 56°15′29″ BaU1, BaU3
 Chabahar 25°27′39″ 60°39′28″ ChU1, ChU2, ChU3, ChU4, ChU5
 Nikshahr 26°14′14″ 60°13′46″ NiU1
 Iranshahr 27°12′22″ 60°40′49″ IrU1, IrU3, IrU4
 Kazerun 29°37′26″ 51°38′57″ KaU3
 Nangarhar 34°26′03″  70°26′52″ 1-H-H, 2-H-H, 3-H-H, 4-H-H, 5-H-H