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Fig. 3

From: Isolation and characterization of malaria PfHRP2 specific VNAR antibody fragments from immunized shark phage display library

Fig. 3

Competitive biopanning between 26 selected T7 specific clones. Twenty-six cloned selected from initial four rounds of biopanning against three different malaria biomarkers were pooled. This pool was tested competitively to select the specific clones, based on high frequency of appearance and absence of cross-reactivity. The colour bars represent the clones isolated from biopanning against different malaria antigen proteins (blue: anti-PfHRP2; red: anti-PfLDH; green: anti-PvAldolase). Yellow arrows point to four clones identified to be specific (H8 as an anti-PfHRP2 clone, P16 and P2–3 as anti-PfLDH clones, and A4–3 as an anti-PvAldolase clone)

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