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Table 3 Summary of PMNS due to Plasmodium falciparum

From: Post-malaria neurological syndrome: four cases, review of the literature and clarification of the nosological framework

Plasmodium falciparum PMNS features (determined on 46 published cases)
Mean age 33 years
Sex ratio (% male) 66%
Previous severe malaria 85%
Previous cerebral malaria 50%
Malaria species Plasmodium falciparum (also P. vivaxa)
Previous treatment for malaria No effect
Traveler or local population Described in both populations
Symptom-free period since malaria (mean) 15 days
Fever 46%
Mental confusion 72%
Seizures 35%
Psychosis 26%
Cerebellar disorders 28%
Motor deficit 13%
MRI (abnormal) 43% mostly white matter lesions
CSF 52% lymphocytic meningitis, 77% high protein level but normal glucose level
EEG (abnormal) 94% (encephalopathy)
Treatment Corticosteroids advised in severe forms (lack of specific recommendation)
Prognosis Excellent (100% ad integrum recovery)
  1. aSee text for further details