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Fig. 5

From: High purity high yield tandem B and T helper cell isolation for qRT-PCR analysis suitable for basically equipped laboratories

Fig. 5

Expression of AID, IL-4 and TGF-b in B and Th cells from malaria patients. Blood was drawn from 34 patients diagnosed with malaria, B and Th cells were isolated and gene expression of AID, IL-4, TGF-b as well as the housekeeping gene HMBS was analysed by qRT-PCR. a Table summarizing parameters related to donors, B and Th cell isolation and gene expression analysis. b Age of the patients versus number of cells isolated. c Amount of blood withdrawn versus Ct values of HMBS (green), AID (red), IL-4 (orange) and TGF-b (blue). Symbol shapes indicate three different age groups. d Correlation of AID expression in B cells with parasite load. e Correlation of IL-4 and TGF-b expression in Th cells with parasite load

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