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Table 2 The IC50 mean for 4a and 4c compounds and chloroquine

From: In vitro antiplasmodial activity, pharmacokinetic profiles and interference in isoprenoid pathway of 2-aniline-3-hydroxy-1.4-naphthoquinone derivatives

P. falciparum 4a 4c Chloroquine
Mean IC50 (μg/ml) Variance Mean IC50 (μg/ml) Variance Mean IC50 (μg/ml) Variance
3D7 strain 2.99a 2.41–3.57 2.06a 1.47–2.65 0.012a 0.007–0.017
Dd2 strain 11.79b 10.36–13.22 10.10b 7.72–12.48 0.15a 0.12–0.18
  1. IC50 (inhibitory concentration 50%); high activitya (IC50 ≤ 10 μg/ml); moderate activityb (10 < IC50 < 100 μg/ml) (Meneguetti et al. [31])