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Table 4 Association of genotypes with the median antibody levels: the median antibody levels of the individuals with each type of genotype of each SNP are indicated within brackets

From: Host genetic polymorphisms and serological response against malaria in a selected population in Sri Lanka

SNP Gene Chrom. position Associated antibody Genotype (median antibody level IU/μL) Genotype comparison p
rs17411697 IL1A 2:113,259,694 MSP1-19_Pv GG (788.56) GG v GT 0.815
     GT (1116.41) GG v TT 0.057
     TT (229.83) GT v TT 0.042
rs2227491 IL22 12:66,932,788 AMA1_Pv CC (1124.03) CC v CT 0.021
     CT (2113.65) CC v TT 0.171
     TT (1783.59) CT v TT 1.000
rs229587 SPTB 12:66,932,788 AMA1_Pf CC (513.28) CC v CT 1.000
     CT (592.27) CC v TT 0.049
     TT (902.02) CT v TT 0.124
  1. Genotype group which the median antibody levels are compared and the p values of the pair-wise comparisons are stated