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Table 1 Definition of alerts defined to identify malaria posts selected for monitoring and evaluation

From: The role of monitoring and evaluation to ensure functional access to community-based early diagnosis and treatment in a malaria elimination programme in Eastern Myanmar

Alert Definition
Late report More than 21 days for SMS reports, more than 28 days for paper reports from start of reporting week
Missing report No report for this week
Report 0 RDT Reported 0 stock for RDTs
Report 0 ACT Reported 0 stock for ACT medicines
Correct RDT use Each febrile patient at MP has been tested using RDT; measured as weekly total consultations = weekly total number of valid RDT
Correct treatment use Each febrile patient with a positive RDT diagnosis is treated; measured as weekly total malaria positive RDT = weekly total number of febrile patients treateda
Invalid RDTs repeated All invalid RDT results are repeated; measured as total number of valid RDTs < than the total number of consultations and an invalid RDT reported
  1. aThis definition is too stringent as febrile patients with a P falciparum positive RDT were not treated if treatment had been administered within the last 14 days as HRP2 can remain in the blood for 2 weeks following treatment and parasite clearance, leading to a possible false positive RDT