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Table 3 Proportion of attack of Anopheles species on human showing the 95% confidence interval around the preference estimates as were observed from host seeking MET-LC and MET-LH as estimated by binary logistic GLMM regression

From: Mosquito electrocuting traps for directly measuring biting rates and host-preferences of Anopheles arabiensis and Anopheles funestus outdoors

Anopheles species P h 95% CI Z value P value
An. arabiensis 0.56 (11,167) [0.43–0.67] 0.937 0.349
An. funestus s.s. 0.76 (413) [0.68–0.82] 5.85 0.001
An. rivulorum 0.27 (185) [0.18–0.37] 0.48 0.001
  1. In the Ph column, numbers in bracket represent the denominator (e.g. total number of caught host seeking on humans and cattle combined)
  2. Ph is the proportion of attack on human