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Table 2 Comparison of the stages of Plasmodium falciparum reported by the submitting laboratories matched with those obtained at reference testing, for 485 samples for which data were available

From: Accuracy of malaria diagnosis by clinical laboratories in Belgium

Stages identification Reference laboratory
Submitting laboratories t tg ts tgs g
t 390a 11 29b 2b  
tg 2 11a 1b   
ts 10   8a   
tgs 1 1 2 1a 1d
g 3c 1c    2a
s 1     
Total 407 24 40 3 3
  1. t trophozoite, g gametocyte, s schizont
  2. Codes a denote correct identification of all stages, b denote schizonts missed, c denote only gametocytes reported in sample containing trophozoite, d denote trophozoites and schizonts reported in samples containing only gametocytes