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Table 3 Risk of LBW associated with placental malaria

From: Artemisinin-based combination therapy during pregnancy: outcome of pregnancy and infant mortality: a cohort study

Placenta malaria prevalence Prevalence of LBW Prevalence ratio Infected attributable fraction Population-attributable fraction
Placenta malaria No Placenta malaria
27.89 (738/2646) 21.0 (152/723) 13.7 (259/1892) 1.535 34.87 12.99
  1. The prevalence ratio (Pr) is the proportion of infected women with LBW divided by the proportion of uninfected women with LBW. The infected attributable fraction is the percentage of infected women with LBW that is due to malaria [(Pr − 1)/pr]. The population-attributable fraction is the percentage of LBW cases that are due to malaria infection: [PM(Pr − 1)]/{1 + [PM(Pr − 1)]} where PM is the proportion with placental malaria infection