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Table 2 Framework of the elimination checklist

From: Assessing Kwa-Zulu-Natal’s progress towards malaria elimination and its readiness for sub-national verification

Research question Method of analysing the question
(1) How close is KZN to malaria elimination? Analysis of key impact indicators, such as total number of local indigenous and local introduced cases, overall incidence, positivity rate and the ratio between local and imported cases
Disaggregation of impact indicators over time and geographical areas
(2) Are all systems required to pursue subnational verification of malaria elimination in place? Analysis of twenty-eight separate requirements and forty-nine specific process or outcome indicators
(3) What priority interventions must be implemented to reduce local cases to zero? Inclusion of programmatic indicators such as the availability of policy documents, guidelines, and reports
Availability of all the items and indicators which are specifically required by the WHO for certification