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Table 1 Description of the study villages

From: Seasonal malaria vector and transmission dynamics in western Burkina Faso

Study village Bana Pala Souroukoudingan
Population size (2014) 750 2400 830
Number of compounds 130 245 103
Location (longitude) − 4.477778 − 4.423333 − 4.5336389
Location (latitude) 11.236667 11.150556 11.235278
Distance to Bobo-Dioulasso (km) 23  29 
Context Rural Peri-urban Rural
Water relations Semi-permanent river, impermanent seasonal pools Semi-permanent rivers, permanent pools Seasonal pools
Economy Major: trade and arable subsistence
Minor: livestock farming
Major: trade and handicraft
Minor: arable subsistence and livestock farming
Major: arable subsistence
Minor: livestock farming