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Table 1 Excerpts from candidates at the interviews

From: Training through malaria research: building capacity in good clinical and laboratory practice in Liberia

 I’d love to be part in this new thing that will benefit people in a positive way
 Add knowledge and understand disease conditions that we have at St Joseph. Help us improve in the management of these conditions, and maybe even develop new medication or finding new ways to prevent them
 Improve my knowledge to be better as a lab coordinator, so I’ll build my capacity as lab personnel and I’ll be able to contribute in data/medical discussions
 I’ll get new ideas to help me improve my work and my staff’s skills
 (I want to take on this training) for the country, for the community and for God
 I want to advance my ability working for an iNGO. (I want to) improve my cv
 Capacity at LMHRA is lacking, there is no biostatistician, no health informatics and no epidemiologist
 We have not really been involved in trials in Liberia. So this is going to be an added value. Many trials have closed down and only PREVAIL is ongoing