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Table 1 Details of all protein sequences retrieved from PlasmoDB and NCBI databases

From: Comparing sequence and structure of falcipains and human homologs at prodomain and catalytic active site for malarial peptide based inhibitor design

Source organism Host Accession number Common name (abbreviation) aa % SI
P. falciparum (Pf) Human PF3D7_1115700 Falcipain-2 (FP-2) 484 QS
PF3D7_1115400 Falcipain-3 (FP-3) 492 QS
P. vivax (Pv) PVX_091415 Vivapain-2 (VP-2) 487 56a
PVX_091410 Vivapain-3 (VP-3) 493 55b
P. knowlesi (Pk) Human/monkey PKH_091250 Knowlesipain-2 (KP-2) 495 53a
PVX-091260 Knowlesipain-3 (KP-3) 479 58b
P. yoelii (Py) Rodents PY00783 Yoelipain-2 (YP-2) 472 47a
P. chabaudi (Pc) PCHAS_091190 Chabaupain-2 (CP-2) 471 48b
P. berghei (Pb) PBANKA_093240 Berghepain-2 (BP-2) 470 50a
H. sapiens NP_000387.1 Cathepsin-K (Cat-K) 329 34a
AAA66974.1 Cathepsin-L (Cat-L) 333 33a
AAC37592.1 Cathepsin-S (Cat-S) 331 32a
  1. Percentage sequence identity (SI) is calculated based on the partial zymogen of query sequence (QS) and that of corresponding homolog
  2. aFP-2 homolog, bFP-3 homolog