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Table 5 The final optimized lysis buffer performs similarly for purification of parasite DNA and RNA as a previously reported new extraction method (NEM) for RNA-based ultrasensitive detection of malaria from dried blood spots [17]

From: An improved nucleic acid extraction method from dried blood spots for amplification of Plasmodium falciparum kelch13 for detection of artemisinin resistance

  3 M GuSCN + 16.7% ISOH NEM lysis buffer
Reverse-transcriptase No Yes ∆CT No Yes ∆CT
Average Ct for Pf 18S rDNA (± SD) 27.7 (± .2) 21.6 (± .3) 6.1 27.6 (± .1) 21.4 (± .2) 6.2
  1. Experiments done with samples at parasite density of 10,000 parasites/mL
  2. Pf, Plasmodium falciparum; GuSCN, guanidine thiocyanate; ISOH, isopropanol; SD, standard deviation; Ct, cycle threshold