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Fig. 6

From: Clinical expression and antigenic profiles of a Plasmodium vivax vaccine candidate: merozoite surface protein 7 (PvMSP-7)

Fig. 6

Observed linear B-cell epitopes mapped to predicted secondary protein structures of 12 PvMSP-7 proteins. The cartoon depicts the intensity and position of linear B-cell epitopes identified by microarray within each PvMSP-7 protein. The x-axis shows the secondary structure of each paralog to scale, as predicted by JPred4 [65]: coiled-coil (grey line), alpha-helix (red lozenge), beta-strand (blue arrows). The intrinsically unstructured/disordered regions (blue zig-zag line) was predicted using the GeneSilico MetaDisorder service [66]. The positions of 236 peptides giving significant responses from the microarray are plotted; the y-axis measures the epitope coverage of a given amino acid position (maximum of four epitopes). The positions of 13 ‘universal’ epitopes observed in all assays (see Fig. 5g) are marked by black bars and their corresponding epitope sequences

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