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Fig. 7

From: Clinical expression and antigenic profiles of a Plasmodium vivax vaccine candidate: merozoite surface protein 7 (PvMSP-7)

Fig. 7

Comparison of MSP-7 expression profiles from published transcriptomes of synchronized cell cultures in multiple Plasmodium species. a Expression profiles for 12 PvMSP-7 genes in P. vivax, as determined by microarray analysis [25]. b Expression profiles for seven PfMSP-7 genes in P. falciparum across seven blood-stages, as determined by cDNA sequencing [56]. c Expression profiles for four PbMSP-7 genes in P. berghei, across five life stages, as determined by RNA-seq [57]. All values are log2-transformed. Shading represents transcript abundance from low (red) to high (black). An asterisk and hash indicate two sets of orthologous genes in different species respectively

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