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Table 1 Final model coefficients

From: The contribution of non-malarial febrile illness co-infections to Plasmodium falciparum case counts in health facilities in sub-Saharan Africa

Coefficient Value
β final 0.477
λ 5.354
α 0.827
σ 0.215
β Initial 0.432
  1. βfinal represents the value of the scaling parameter, β, after the second model-fitting (to the literature review data) and βInitial represents the value of β after the first model fitting (to the DHS Program data), which is not used in the final model fit. The parameter λ controls the rate of decline of the proportion of MAF within malaria-positive fevers with increasing PfPR0–5. The parameter α controls the minimum proportion of malaria-positive fevers in a population that can be due to malaria. The parameter σ is the standard deviation/observational noise parameter. Full details of model fitting and parameter optimisation can be found in the Additional file 6