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Table 1 Main malaria control interventions deployed in Maputo Province since 1946 until 2014

From: Setting the scene and generating evidence for malaria elimination in Southern Mozambique

Year Area Intervention Source
1946–56 Semi-urban area of Maputo city and rural areas of the Limpopo Valley IRS (DDT and BHC) [5,6,7]
1960–69 Maputo Province IRS (DDT) [4]
1993 Suburban areas of most provincial capitals IRS (deltamethrin and lambda-cyhalothrin)
2000 IRS in Maputo province 2000–2011: “LSDI” IRS (bendiocarb) in all districts of Maputo province except Manhiça
2011–2017: District-level or targeted IRS in some districts of Maputo province
2017–2019: Province-level IRS through MOSASWA
[9, 10]
2003 Selected districts IRS (with DDT, pyrethroids or bendiocarb) [11, 39]
2005 Country-level Introduction of RDTs
2000 Country-level ITNs for pregnant women and children under 5
2005–2014 Provincial-level Mass ITN distributions
2017 Country-level Universal distribution of LLINsa
2005 Country-level IPTp at ANC with SP
2002–2004 Country-level Introduction of AQ + SP as first line treatment
2004–2009 Country-level First-line treatment changed to AS + SP
2009–2011 Country-level First-line treatment changed to AL
2011 Country-level AQ + AS added as an alternative first-line treatment to AL for non-complicated malaria
AS or parenteral QNN adopted for severe malaria treatment
  1. aUniversal distribution of LLINS: one LLIN for every two people in the household