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Table 2 Important enzymes in the metabolism of anti-malarial drugs

From: A non-lethal malarial infection results in reduced drug metabolizing enzyme expression and drug clearance in mice

Drug Metabolism outcome Enzymes involved References
Artemisinin Inactivation CYP2B6, 3A4, 2D6 [47, 48]
Dihydroartemisinin (DHA) Inactivation UGT1A9, 2B7 [49]
Artesunate DHA formation CYP2A6 [47]
Arteether DHA formation CYP3A4>2B6,3A5 [50]
Artemether DHA formation CYP3A4 [51]
Quinine Inactivation CYP3A4 [8, 47]
Mefloquine Inactivation CYP3A4 [52]
Chloroquine Active metabolite CYP2C8, 3A4>2D6 [53]
Piperaquine Active metabolite CYP3A4 [54]
Primaquine Required for activity CYP2D6 [55]
Tafenoquine Required for activity CYP2D6 [59]
Lumefantrine Inactivation CYP3A4 [51]
Amodiaquine Reduced activity CYP2C8 [56]
Proguanil Required for activity CYP2C19 [57]
Sulfadoxine Inactivation NAT2 [58]
Clindamycin Inactivation CYP3A4 [60]