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Fig. 4

From: Analysis of serological data to investigate heterogeneity of malaria transmission: a community-based cross-sectional study in an area conducting elimination in Indonesia

Fig. 4

Spatial distribution of household-averaged, age-adjusted antibody responses to a PvAMA-1 and to b PvMSP-119 in Sukakarya and Sukajaya sub-districts, Sabang, Indonesia. The resultants residual values were categorized as: ‘lower than average’ (− 4.933 to − 0.499), ‘average’ (− 0.500 to 0.500), ‘slightly higher than average’ (0.501 to 1.000), ‘higher than average’ (1.001 to 1.500) and much higher than average (1.501 to 2.117). Black circle indicates a cluster of significantly higher than expected antibody responses detected using SaTScan (p value < 0.05)

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